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Dear Valued Reader,

You want your business to make more money and spend less. So you can live the life you intended to.

But the wild, chaotic world of digital marketing looms large. Full of social media influencers, search algorithms, artificial intelligence and hundreds of programs, software, hardware all getting you nowhere.

You know you should be using platforms like Google Ads & Facebook's to ensure your business survives. 

These systems are complex, require expertise, time and money to work. You get sucked in at your most vulnerable. Claims of 'buy this newest widget' and you can 'hack' the system. Only to purchase and realise you'll need to buy the extended version, watch hours of tutorials to learn the basics and forget about a product helpline because there isn't one!


It can be confusing just trying to start. Having to spend valuable time and money, it can be frustrating not seeing any results. Seeing your competitors stream ahead and the bills pile up. Well, it's enough to make anyone angry. With the noise growing louder and no obvious place to turn, it can feel like a hopeless situation.


"People with good products and services ought to be found by the customers that will benefit from them".


I write about the above from personal experience. I have been in all of those places and was there for years with my business. I learnt what I offer today from knowledge gained in the trenches. This hard work has paid off for my clients who are making and saving thousands of dollars every month. One client has saved over $27,000 this year by bringing me on as the Google Ads Manager - paying my services for the next five years!


Through the 3 Step Plan for Profitable Google Ads, you will earn more, save more and win back your time:

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  3. Let's Execute That Plan Together

The plans are custom to your business and budget. There is no percentage of spending fees or lock-in contracts.

"People deserve their digital marketing solutions to be explained thoughtfully in person".


Put an end to that wasted spend and time away from your business schedule an appointment today.


Get your business profitable leads and sales, let's get you more money and time so you can do the things you love.

Get you out of that cycle of confusion, frustration, anger and helplessness that is sending so many great businesses under.


You no longer have to miss out on saving thousands for your business and let's face it, your pocket.

Go from zero to Hero, a scar to a Star. Let's get that energy and drive back and make your businesses potential a reality.


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See you on the other side!

My best,

Steele Walster

yikes! marketing

the Google AdWords expert 

Perth agencies use!

Its a little known fact that Steele is the Google Adwords Expert Perth Digital Agencies use when they get stuck on difficult Google Ads campaigns or when their staff need training. 

The best thing is now business owners in Perth can go direct to Steele to get their Google Ad accounts professionally managed.

Our Story

Yikes! was founded in 2019 by Steele Walster. After spending three years working on his passion project Surf Meal, he started to receive requests from his friends to help them with their digital marketing. They were impressed with the results they were getting. They were so impressed they started paying him.


Word quickly spread and soon all kinds of businesses were seeking him out for the unique combination of artistic design, writing skill, technical knowledge and most importantly, real-life experience running a business.


Steele's digital advertising work (to become yikes!) soon over-took Surf Meal. Yet Steele hadn't quite settled on the idea of it growing an actual business, despite regularly being told by his customers that they couldn't believe this wasn't his main work. Steele just really loved doing it.

Then one day, after talking through a recent campaign he had designed to a high profile marketing expert, Steele received the shock of his life and the one that kicked started Yikes!

The expert explained to Steele that the campaign he had just executed, based on its professional appearance but mainly the results, had a market value of over $30,000! Steele had charged $400.

Not bad for someone that was doing it because he found it fun using all the collection of skills acquired over the years.

Yikes! is the a culmination of those experiences, a vehicle to help businesses grow.