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Let's Get Your Google Ads Campaign Working For You

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Google Shopping Ads

Hit your Google Shopping targets and maximise the return on investment of your ecommerce business in within weeks!

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Search Ads

Access over 1 Billion People via online marketing. Generate high quality leads & sales for your business in just 24 hours!

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Display & Video

Maxmise your search engine reach & get your message out there with cost-effective Google Display & Youtube Advertising

How Well Are Your Campaigns Working?

Are your Google Ads campaigns performing at their peak? Got an underperforming Google Ad? Are you spending too much? Steele will quickly diagnose the health of your campaigns and ensure they are optimized to your best customer and your business goals.

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Google Ads Coaching

Looking to learn more about your Google Advertising? Need help with campaign setup? Steele offers 1-on-1 PPC campaign coaching to Business Owners, Marketing Managers, other Google Ads Consultants, and beyond! Brush up on your skills and get the best in-class knowledge. Book a Coaching session with Steele and take your Google Ads to the next level.

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Google Ads Management

Knowing what buttons to push and levers to pull takes knowledge. Knowing when comes with experience. Getting your adwords campaigns back on track takes a digital marketing specialist. Whether you need someone to ensure smooth sailing or you are looking for an Adwords Agency in Perth or someone to get you out of a tough spot, our team can help. Apply to have your adwords campaign managed by a google partner today. No lock in contracts!

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What Are Your New Customers Searching?

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Over 2.3 million Google Searches per minute.

You can reach new targeted audiences using online advertising, and direct them to your landing page. We can help you make sure your ad copy stands out from the competition, and that the search engines favour your ppc ads.

Yikes! offers search advertising and digital marketing like no other google adwords agency can. Do your google adwords campaigns a favour talk to us about google ads management.

Expert Google Ads Management.

Yikes! offers expert google ads management. We optimize your account for return on investment and ad spend. With over 10 years experience in digital marketing and providing AdWords management services, Yikes! can start maxmising your search marketing like no other google ads agency, making the most of your ad spend.

Go beyond simple search engine optimisation and get the best traffic to your landing pages today!

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Start Increasing Your ROI Today!

Plain & Simple Pricing

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Managed Google Ads Campaigns


  • No lock in contracts or Hidden Fees
  • Full Campaign Setup & Ongoing Optimisation
  • Search Marketing
  • Google Shopping Gmail Ads
Manage My Google Ads
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Learn Google Ads


  • One On One Sessions
  • Learn how to optimise your ad copy
  • Avoid common mistakes & pitfalls
Get Google Ads Training
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Ad Campaign Audit


  • Full account audit
  • Recieve a recommendations document
  • Includes screen recording explainer of account
Improve My Campaigns
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Managed Socials Campaigns


  • Meta Campaign Development
  • Content Creation Graphic & Video
  • Campaign Optimisation & Reporting
Manage My Meta
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Search Engine Optmisation


  • Full Content production
  • High Quality backlink acquisition Strategy
  • Roadmaps and Audits
Improve My SEO
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Website Development


  • Clean UX Wordpress or Webflow Websites
  • Easy To Self Update Content
  • Tracking Code implemented
Make My Website

Google Adwords FAQs

Do I Need To Outsource My Google Ads?

Google Ads can be a complex system to master, especially if you’re a busy business owner or marketer trying to achieve the maximum return on paid search. Make sure you understand all the facts before spending any money with Google Ads. If you would like to learn more about how Google Ads can help your business, contact us today to schedule a call with our digital marketing specialists!

What If I Have A Small Google Ads Budget?

So why would you need a Google Ads Management Agency or an Expert PPC Consultant if you can get your text ads showing at the top of search results? I said you could do it, not that you could do it well! Our goal, when creating advertising, should be to design a profitable marketing arm to your business. You are developing an online salesperson.

Like any employee, you need to manage its performance to get the best out of it. Fantastic results are hard work and require daily monitoring, understanding best practice for optimisation. You will need to stay on top of changes to search engine algorithms and paid advertising trends.

How Do I Get On The First Page Of Google?

You or anybody without the help of Google Ads Management Agency can rank on the first page of Google's search results and even in the top position. Even with a small budget, reaching the top of the page can be easy. Unlike SEO, which can take months to see any return on your effort, you can get significant results in a matter of days. For small businesses, a simple and effective Google AdWords campaign is my number one recommendation.

Can Google Advertising Help My Business?

Have you ever used Google to find information about a product or service? If you answered “yes,” then you’re not alone. In fact, most shoppers go online to find information, compare products/services, and read reviews before ever contacting a business.

Have you ever searched for products or services online from you smartphone? With over 160 Million smartphone owners in the U.S., little to no exposure on mobile devices can mean your business is losing out on potential customers. If people can’t find you online, it will be even harder to generate revenue.Google Ads provides a variety of benefits to advertisers and is just one of the many essential digital marketing techniques companies are using to maintain a competitive edge.

Isn’t AdWords A Waste Of Money?

Usually when I hear this opinion of AdWords, the root cause is due to either running campaigns in house without the appropriate knowledge, or having a bad experience with a “pile ’em high, sell them cheap with hard sales call tactics” type agency. Running an AdWords campaign without knowing how to use the platform can be a recipe for burning money fast. With the first campaign I ran for a client, I saved almost 50% of their ad spend within minutes as they were serving ads for completely inappropriate search terms.

For another client who was running their campaigns using a generic Google helpline, I halved their cost per click from $2 to $1 meaning they were previously spending twice as much money as they had to. It is also not uncommon for me to take an internally managed AdWords account and change the average clickthrough rate from 1-2% to over 10% (and sometimes higher), and get results that return many multiples of ad spend.All of those are good metrics but I’ll also sort out your conversion tracking so you can track monetary values, which is the ultimate metric to measure.

How Do I Run Google Ads?

Instructions: Sign in to your Google Ads account.On the left-side menu, click Campaigns.Click the plus button , then select New campaign.Select your advertising objective for the campaign.Scroll down, then choose your conversion goals and click Continue. Choose your campaign type and click Continue.

See What Others Are Saying

Steele is amazing! He lives and breathes google adwords management and has so much passion to get things right for your brand. He provides comprehensive reports and always up for a chat via phone or google meet. Will be using him moving forward.

Danny  |  Surfpaints
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Steele isn't one of those annoying guys on the phone promising you first page 24/7 on google search, with Steele your business is his priority  no strings attached.  My business profile is increasing everyday thanks to Steele. A true google ads specialists.

Jason  |  MPI
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I love Steele's honest, no nonsense approach to google adword management. Steele listened to what I knew about my customers and is converting that into quality traffic to my website. Best Google Ads Agency in Perth!

Donna  |  Solo Accounts
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I had issues with my Google Ads account and he walked me through patiently on how to resolve them. He took his time to mention everything that must be mentioned. Overall it was a great experience and I highly recommend Steele.

Aroon  |  Agasti Store
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