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Steele provides 1 on 1 coaching for aspiring PPC experts, Marketing Professionals & business owners. 

Learn how to build, optimise and manage your Google Search, Shopping, Display & Video Campaigns like a Pro!

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Steele offers his expertise for your business.

Hire Steele and have an experienced, certified Google Ads Manager and get higher quality search traffic and better return from your monthly Google Ads budget.

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Pay Per Click PPC 

Campaigns & Advertising


Get Started On Your PPC Campaigns But Make Sure They Are Profitable

A paid online advertising strategy, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows your business to place ads across the web. The idea is to be highly visible when your customers need your products or services.

Get On The First Page
You or anybody without the help of Google Ads Management Agency can rank on the first page of Google's search results and even in the top position. Even with a small budget, reaching the top of the page can be easy. Unlike SEO, which can take months to see any return on your effort, you can get significant results in a matter of days. For small businesses, a simple and effective Google AdWords campaign is my number one recommendation.

"At Least Be There When Your Customer Is Searching For You!"


Getting The Most From Your Budget

So why would you need a Google Ads Management Agency or an Expert PPC Consultant if you can get your text ads showing at the top of search results? I said you could do it, not that you could do it well! Our goal, when creating advertising, should be to design a profitable marketing arm to your business. You are developing an online salesperson. Like any employee, you need to manage its performance to get the best out of it. Fantastic results are hard work and require daily monitoring, understanding best practice for optimisation. You will need to stay on top of changes to search engine algorithms and paid advertising trends. 

A Profession

The digital marketing proposition I make is to be your Google AdWords or PPC Manager. I've been doing this for years, and it's what I do every day. The idea is that we both get on with what we do best in achieving the same goal - your business' profitability and success. I work with many business owners and marketing managers who are sick of spending too much of their time trying to drive traffic to their website or websites. Put it this way would your Dentist recommend you do it yourself? 

Better Than But Supportive To Traditional Models

I want to share what I think makes Digital Advertising so powerful and such an excellent proposition for any level of business. One has to do with critical technological advances in targeting the specific audiences relevant to your product or service. Instead of paying for a television advertisement or outdoor billboard and then crossing your fingers in the hoping the right person sees it. We can now select the right customers based on data-driven analytics. We can conduct split-testing to find what resonates with your target audience. Think about your online behaviour when you are ready to buy, you Google it. Research shows 94% the internet use Google search when ready to buy. Remember the recommendation I made earlier about being there when your customer is looking for you? The best thing is that now you control what you are going to pay. You set the budget and the bids. For me, this is the first step to creating a profitable sales funnel.


Compared to traditional advertising, Pay per click (PPC) models like Google AdWords operate differently. Instead of paying upfront, you only pay when someone clicks on your digital ad. This payment model is why advertisers call it pay-per-click advertising.

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 "I Used To Spend Hours At Night Trying To Get Google AdWords & PPC Campaign To Work... Steele has Helped Me Get back to my actual job - Running My Business!"

Google Ads 

& Your Business?


Start Getting In Digital Marketing & PPC Campaign Mindset

Think about your process when buying something online. Do you start with a search engine or a Facebook search? Statistics show that when people are ready to buy something, they use Google to find it. But people don't just land directly in a position to buy. Before you get results, customers need to know that your product or service exists and why they should buy it from you. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and even Google Ads can be great for building brand awareness of your products and services and what features they have. The next step is to influence potential buyers consideration. Think about it as showcasing the very best of what you have to offer so the customer can make an informed decision. Making an informed decision is what we would all like to do. It is empowering, giving the customer that power and understanding that your products and services are the best. Use clear and recent photos, well-written ad copy, and current customer reviews.


Ideal Customer Targeting Is The Heart Of Good Google Ads Management

One of the many ways Google Ads and PPC advertising, in general, is useful is its ability to narrow down and target your ideal customers. In Australia, narrow targets are beneficial, given the vast geographical distances. For example, a local plumber in North Perth may have no interest in appearing on a search query for "Emergency Plumber South Perth".  Being able to show up when it makes perfect sense is powerful.

Targeting Your Ideal Customer

Here is some beneficial and free advice if you're starting with your own Google Ads Campaign and even onboarding an AdWords Management Agency. Have a clear idea of who your customers are and how your product or solves their problem. Offer a specific service or niche product? You will know the demographics of your customers, where they live and what their habits and interests. A few examples of customer targeting include (not limited too):


  • Device & Time Of Day Usage

  • Location & Locations Of Interest

  • Interests & Affinity

  • Gender & Age

  • Online Purchasing Behaviour


Professional Google Ads Management & Advice From A Trusted Source

If you're unsure about where to invest your Google AdWords campaign budget (or even how much to pay per click), pick up the phone. I am always happy to help and offer a free quote. Need a reference for my work? I will be delighted to refer you to any number of my satisfied clients from all over Western Australia, and beyond including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Let's talk!

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"We had no idea... Steele walked us through everything he was doing in our AdWords Account, our business is so much more profitable. 
Highly Recommend!"

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Together we grow your business
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Google AdWords Management

Google Ads are the quickest, most straightforward and often the most effective form of online advertising. For new businesses driving traffic to your website should be the focus of your search engine marketing.

With my PPC expertise, you will quickly catch the target audience's eye with your keys messages from the top of the search results page. 

Looking to increase awareness of a new service, sell more products, or expand an email marketing list? Digital marketing plays an essential role in accomplishing business goals.

While Pay Per Click campaigns are cost-effective and relatively quick to set up, they require constant attention from an expert AdWords Management Agency specialising in AdWords Management.

If you want to work with the best mind in Google Ads, an expert in AdWords Perth, then contact Steele today and together we'll get your profits soaring!

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"Steele is the guy all the Big Digital Marketing Agencies use  when they get stuck... So when he started consulting himself, it was a no-brainer for us! 

Do yourself a favour!"


Why Use

Pay Per Click Advertising?

The Question May Be Why Not!

Working with a dedicated Google AdWords Management Agency offers your business several advantages in the marketplace, including:
•    Set a custom budget that you can change at any time
•    Access useful targeting options unavailable in traditional advertising
•    Receive insightful audience and campaign data
•    Respond to campaign performance in real-time to maximize performance
•    Show up above organic results in online searches
•    Outrank competitors
•    Accomplish various goals, from brand awareness to purchases
•    Reach people when they're looking for you
•    Support other digital marketing initiatives, like search engine optimization (SEO)
The fact that PPC offers an average ROI of 2:1 demonstrates its usefulness in your online advertising strategy. If you want to grow your business online and compete with top competitors, PPC can help you accomplish those goals.

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