• Steele Walster

You Tube No.1 For Brand Awareness

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

I'm so bullish on YouTube for brand awareness and consideration right now. I'm still blown away at how cost effective it is and how specific you can be with you ad targeting.

For example, Surf Meal , an Australia Surf Nutrition Company, that I do Google Ads Management for. Surf Meal is a real niche company, and at this stage (2020) still values and needs to grow their brand awareness and consideration influencing activities.

Being niche their target customer is very specific and this is good thing when deciding where to put their advertising dollars. Surfers like watching surfing videos and the most watched surfing videos are Jamie O'Brien's, JOB Series on YouTube. This is where Surf Meal want their brand positioned. It's akin to ambassador endorsement with the direct association (and costs!)

So what about the costs? Try over 250k views of Surf Meal's display ads on JOB videos for a total of $50. Try getting that specific an audience for that price on a billboard.

The take away is, right advertisers aren't doing it well and that's why its still so relatively cheap, BUT like any good thing this won't last. Once they get it, you might not be able to afford it.

Make hay my friends and Good Luck!



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