• Steele Walster

You Know What They Say About Free Advice

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Here's some FREE advice from an Expert Google Ad Manager.

If you have a physical business, and even if you don't open a Google Ads account for anything else, just do this. Before I get into explaining what to do, let me provide some context. 94% of internet

searches are done on Google. People Google stuff. Even when they are likely to buy something from you or are nearby, people will still Google the problem or your business. The takeaway?

"Be there when the customer needs you - lock that sale in"

How do you do that, at the most simple level. Open your Google Ad Account and create a campaign, with a keyword bidding strategy based on your, "your core business product/service/industry near me".

Now set a 5km radius around your business premises and place a small bid. Come back the next day and see what data you have collected. Did anyone click? Is your bid to low? Now, congratulations you are Managing your Google Adwords account.

This is the minimum starting point for small local businesses looking to boost their profits through Pay Per Click advertising.

This is only the start, but it is a sensible start.

Good luck!


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