• Steele Walster

When Did You Last Update Your Business Hours?

Have your business hours changed recently? For the majority of Australians, the answer is yes. The next question is, have you let your customers know? Even if your business hours haven't changed, you might still like to update them on your Google My Business Account.

Google has added a 'last updated' notification to GMB accounts. It appears below the business hours and tells the user behind the Google search when the hours were last updated. A seemingly small change but in a world where the 'near me' search is more important than ever.

I'll you the phrase that my clients are probably sick of hearing. I use it to drag them out from the tunnel vision that happens to business owners sometimes.

"think about your own your experience when you Google search (X) and see last updated (Y)"

The jury is definitely still out on this one. If you haven't updated your opening hours in 8 years and a potential customer sees that - what are they going to think? Will they acknowledge a business that has been going solid for several years or will they assume that in a 'post lock-down world' that your information can't be correct.

image courtesy Search Engine Land

Google's opinion on this seems clear, though. They are encouraging people to put time into the GMB accounts. Why? Obviously to keep in line with their relevance tenet, but more likely because of its a revenue stream. Hell, you can create Google Ads direct from your GMB account now (handle with care!).

As always would love to hear your take on this..

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