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Personal Brand

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Does your brand shine through your business?

Ask yourself this - Are your business relationships best when you connect with the person or their product? I have found that my favourite, most enjoyable and prosperous relationships come when admiration and trust exist for the person behind the brand. With these people, we will work towards the objective, regardless of the obstacles and opposition.

For example, Jonathan Huston or Lyn Hawkins, could (and do!) start a new venture, they know I'm in - ready to go. Whatever they have planned, it's at the deep end of the pool, we're travelling at break-neck speed, and I better have my big boy pants on. What inspires this loyalty? It is because of the personal brand they have built.

Currently, I'm working with a client that has developed this fantastic online training program for new directors put together 38 years on the most respected Boards in Australia, and he now offers that experience for the next generation.

When speaking Google Ads and Digital Marketing strategy with him, it was clear the messaging was missing one thing, HIM! Without him, the training program is very-good, WITH him, the experiences and the knowledge, it is incredible.

And that is the point. Let your personality, values, experience, shine through your products and your customers will respect whatever you do.

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