• Steele Walster

Own The Journey

Sounds simple in theory, but its actually rare to see it done well. When you do - you almost catch yourself thanking the business for letting you buy something. So what is that?

Here's some theory I'd like to share with you that I hope is easy to understand. This is going to help with the success of not only your digital business activities but your business as a whole.

Ok ready?

1. The Search - A potential customer has a need to be fulfilled. This is their INTENT, and the words they use in their search will show that.

2. The Ad - Your Google Ads strategy has you bidding on the search terms that the customer has used. The Ad Copy speaks directly to that INTENT and therefore gets their INTEREST.

3. The Experience - The customer clicks your Ad because you have got their INTEREST - now it's your Website's turn. If the experience matches their INTENT and the INTEREST that the Ads created, the customer will use their INITIATIVE to Buy, Fill Out Form or Make The Call.

Make the experience FLOW watch your business GROW

my best,

Steele - Google Ads Manager

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