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Let's Get Real

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

People Are Looking For EXACTLY What You Offer. Look at your own behaviour when you desire or need something. The beauty of the 'Age Of The Internet' is that we can be both hyper specific with our requests and broad when seeking information or education which will help us be specific. I see this specificity everyday in the search terms people use with Google, Bing, Yahoo and even social media.


It's no secret that we find often find ourselves short of time. Everything seems available and with so much to do, see and learn, we want our super specific needs met... instantly and exactly. This presents tremendous opportunity for online advertisers, e-commerce and any business that can leverage digital advertising for their business. Why? Let's say it together;

"People Are Looking For EXACTLY What You Offer!"

That's why I specialise in Google Ads and not just because it works. But because it has such a low barrier to entry. The smallest of businesses can find and bid on some really specific and high value keywords and be there when their customer needs them. With a little bit of effort and time, those channels can become profitable, allowing additional pay-per-click activities to follow.


My advice for any small business looking to jump into the world of keyword bidding and PPC advertising is:

  • Set a monthly budget (this spend should be outside of money for survival!)

  • Think about what your product is from the customers view

  • Create few long-tail keywords that speak to the above point

  • Use your location to become even more specific

  • Monitor regularly and seek help if your still not getting it or you are getting taken away from your core business.

The last point I can not stress enough. This is why I am so busy, so take the lessons learnt from other business owners. If your digital advertising efforts are taking you away from running your business or doing the things that bring in money, something is wrong. Hire a professional and affordable Adwords Manager. Meet them in person, develop trust and get back to what you do best!

Good luck - Steele!


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