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Lately In PPC - Apple Ads?

As we enter the holiday period, the competition for ads increases rapidly. For looking at their Google Ads, you may have noticed the suggestions to increase your budgets for the upcoming period. With the USA elections taking the headlines, digital advertisers, using Facebook ads for global campaigns are not having a great time

. American electoral candidates spent hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising, pushing up the CPM for everyone else. Globally, digital advertisers are finding it hard to break even this week, with many pulling their ads down due to unpredictable CPAs and unsustainable ROAS.

Locally, according to CMO, Ad spending back on the rise and non-surprisingly Digital media was the channel least affected by the mid-year slump. The hottest items this month and seeing double-digit growth in ad spend are household cleaning products, and technology businesses.

There was no mistaking Google and Facebook's stance on the news payments regime proposed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Both platforms have been warning Australians of the consequences the tech-giants face and have been forward in calling for support. I've found the messages a bit on the nose, and anyone following the story on LinkedIn will see most of the Australian public couldn't care less. Personal feelings aside, Google is calling the scheme "unworkable", and will significantly impact the Google Search experience.

Google and Facebook have argued the exchange is already fair. At the same time, the ACCC and most other involved organisations say there's a huge imbalance between the digital behemoths and the Australian news media. A central theme to any resolution will be user privacy and sharing of data between the organisations.

Search Engine Marketers & Pay Per Click Experts around the world are keeping an ear on the developments of the current U.S. Justice Department's antitrust action against Google. Google has 96% of the browser market share, but many are saying that the case won't stand up. However, it is the $8-12 billion paid to Apple by Google each year to be the default search engine on Safari that has people excited. Apple has done exceptionally well at positioning themselves as the privacy leaders at a time when the tech-world faces unprecedented scrutiny, and separating with the increasingly unpopular Google is looking likely. We could well see an Apple powered and owned search engine, complete with its PPC advertising platform very soon. One has to think of Apple, the most valuable company in the world can't take Google on; no one can.

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