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Click Fraud & How PPC Protect Won Me Over

The term "Click Fraud" is trending. It sounds scary, and it even looks scary if you believe that video kicking around where a robot is clicking furiously on someone's Google Ad spending their life savings. I am here to tell you the reality is quite different. That said, I am in the business of acting in my client's best interest, so here my experience with "Click Fraud "software and how PPC Protect won me over. I occasionally hear particularly early on the client relationship that they believe a competitor is furiously clicking on their Ads. To their concerns, I reply "yes, they probably are… but don't worry they are just wasting their time and Google will recognise that behaviour as nefarious and won't charge you". Google takes this very seriously because it strikes at the heart of creating a relevant search experience. Enter PPC Protect.

PPC Protect is a software that integrates with your Google Ads account and ensures the quality of their traffic. Improving the quality of your search traffic is what Google Ad Managers like myself do. PPC Protect contributes by identifying suspicious and blocking invalid clicks and IP addresses. At first, I was sceptical despite understanding the concepts. Being very much a data-driven decisionmaker, the free trial period that PPC Protect offer would be the test. At $180 per month (for $28 000 Ad Spend Protection) I need to see at least that being saved each month to make sense. For the first week or two, over 96% of the traffic was excellent quality, and it should be when applying years of experience and knowledge daily. Then in early January, my own Google Ads became the target of some malicious activity. I received several non-sensical messages through my website contact page.

See below screenshots:

Notice the time stamps.

Seemed odd that both rrr & ttt should contact me on the same day.

Then I checked my Google Ad campaign and saw an unusually high number of clicks from precise searches in rapid concession. You ask yourself, "if they haven't found what they are looking for the first time, why do they keep clicking on my ad?". I logged into PPC Protect and saw that they had picked up this malicious behaviour and blocked the IP instantly. Now because they recorded the IP Address, I could locate where/who made the clicks.

It turns out the activity came from nearby a large ''competitor" not far from me. They must have been trying to get my attention to let me know they need staff training in Google Ads. A few days later, while walking my 18-month-old son, I kindly dropped my business card just in case. Jokes aside, I was impressed with the efficiency and transparency in which PPC Protect goes about delivering on its promises. Moreover, the cost-benefit is already making sense:

Reflecting on my journey to purchase; I found it interesting that the same 'shock tactics' that piqued my interest were the same that repelled me from doing business. In the end, it was a clear proposition that provided value through the saving of time and money that won me over. I am pleased to announce that I will be rolling out PPC Protect for all my clients. And will not be on charging my clients for it instead of believing it to be part of the traffic quality proposition I bring as a Professional Google Ads Manager.

Good Luck & Have Fun!


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