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Google Giveth & Google Taketh Away

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Google's newest update just reduced the amount of data you receive in your Google Ads by an estimated 28%

As SEER explains before the update, for every $100, 000 you spent you received $98,700 worth of search term data. Now you will receive $71,000 of search term data.

So what?

Well, that data helps Google Ad Managers and Business Owners in getting their ads in front of the right people.

It's an attack on Negative Query Management.

Google has been loosening the reigns on its keyword match types for some time now. Good Google Ad Managers use the Search Term Report to identify negative query opportunities for campaign sculpting and get the best return on your advertising spend.

So why would Google do this?

According to Google, it's to:

"maintain our standards of privacy and strengthen our protections around user data".

SEL helps Google's vague response, adding:

"to keep advertisers from being able to use minimal query data to identify users or have access to any personally identifiable information (PII) users may include in their search queries".

Sounding incredibly Orwellian, telling us only IT can be trusted with OUR data, Google seems to be citing a minority case to justify its reason to withhold data which helps create efficient Pay-Per-Click advertising.

*Perhaps it's timely I remind you that Google gets paid by the click regardless of the quality.

The truth is the vast majority of low-volume queries contain zero privacy issues.

Why Should You Care

Google Ads is still the best and most detailed Pay-Per-Click Advertising platform. Comparing its customer targeting functions to Facebook and friends is like comparing a laser pointer with a lighthouse.

"Google made it just a little harder to find the clicks you like (the ones that covert) and a little easier for them to get the clicks they like (any)".

Should you start freaking out? Yes absolutely!

And also No not all, These are precisely the reasons I love this dynamic industry. This just means more in the trenches problem-solving time! So there is no need to worry, there are some fantastic Digital Experts out there with IQ's that read like PIN numbers. I know because I speak to them every day, and these types of challenges make for excellent discussions and learning. The search to find gold for our clients continues!

That said, I recommend speaking to your trusted PPC specialist, as in all things digital the evolution is fast and requires high degrees of specialisation. I also recommend diving into your Google Analytics paid traffic behaviour and trying out PPC platforms Microsoft (Bing), Yandex and Baidu to see if your customers are using them.

Microsoft Advertising (Formally Bing) has been making steady and significant improvements to their platform and a few of my clients are having 'out of the box' success lately (1500% ROAS)

Prediction: Microsoft to claw another 5-10% market share from Google in the next 2 years.

As always I wish you my very best,


Steele Walster is a PPC Expert Based in Perth Western Australia

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