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Good Products Need Great Advertsing

When you are running a business you'll make sure you have good products or services. You know that to stand out good products & services need great advertising. Let's Yikes Marketing help take your business to where you want it to be!

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Why Work With Us?

Yikes Marketing takes all the positive aspects of different marketing campaigns and combines them into one. Our founder comes with several years of experience which not only provides a solid foundation for our marketing systems but also puts us ahead of the rest. 


While you can keep track of your own marketing tools and set them up yourself, you cannot get the same results you would with a professional. Plus, the chances are that your competitors are hiring marketers to help set them ahead of you. Why settle for less? 


We can assist you in establishing and carrying out unique marketing campaigns that uplift your business and spread brand awareness—and we don’t stop there. After launching the campaign, we can help keep track of stats to measure how well your ads are doing. From there, we can adjust or improve the plan. 

What We Offer

While we offer any service that enhances your internet marketing Perth, we have a few areas of expertise, including:


  • Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Google Shopping 

  • Google Advertisements

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising, also referred to as PPC advertising, is an opportunity for us to improve brand awareness so that more people know about your offerings. Then, you pay us according to how many people click on the developed ads. While providing more incentive for us to see you succeed, it also gives you more confidence in the work we produce. 


Online marketing Perth can be a confusing bubble with endless directions to take. With our expertise in marketing and knowledge of PPC ads, you can rest assured get the visibility that you need and want. 

Google Shopping

We can also help you with Google Shopping advertisements. We believe that this is where a lot of brand awareness comes alive. Most people, when in search of a product, head to Google, and what comes up is the Google Shopping panel.


Using the knowledge of our services can increase the chances of your products popping up on the screen after a related Google search. While you can create pages with SEO to boost your chances, these often take more time for the system to generate the pages higher on the results page. Our experience allows us all the tips and tricks to make sure you are satisfied with the location of your product on a results page. 

Google Advertisements

We believe that Google Advertisements are also a fantastic way to promote your brand, which is a reason why we keep this area of knowledge within our toolbelt. You can only do so much with your design and online marketing Perth skills. Let us take your ads to the next level with eye-catching, beautifully created images with the right amount of psychology to pull in more potential customers. 

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Cost Effective 

Let’s face it—you could spend thousands of dollars on a marketing plan that shows you how to launch a campaign yourself. On the other side, you could spend a little less and work with us! 


Our realms of expertise are very cost-effective. Since many businesses use PPC and Google for promoting their business, they are affordable. However, you need an edge that sets you apart from the others. With our experience in design and internet marketing Perth, you can have professional level service that puts you on the right map.